Having walked past the gates of Fernando’s several times and once even venturing in a few steps (I didn’t see anyone and thought perhaps I shouldn’t have been in there so quickly retreated to the footpath) I was excited when the opportunity presented itself to explore a little further than a meter beyond the gate! You know as soon as you walk in that this “nursery” is not going to be like any other nursery you have been to before. There are plants everywhere, a horde of agave greet you on your right and a pile of prickly pears to your left with little windows cut into the cactus flesh (one of Fernando’s creations) in front of you is a chaotic collection of citrus, ficus, olive, and ferns – just to name a few. After wandering around in awe for a little while you will undoubtedly cross paths with Fernando, the 76 year old owner who has proudly run the nursery for over 30 years. He is without doubt the most charismatic 76 year old I have ever met! He regaled us with stories about the various plant related inventions he has had over the years, his lack of love for the fiddle leaf fig and his tips for looking after olives. He even took us on a tour to show us the plants he had had since opening the nursery. If you are looking for a good selection of healthy, very reasonably priced plants and an experience you won’t forget then Fernando’s is a must. Below are my top 3 picks from Fernando’s. I purchased a selection of around 6 plants for under $70.00. One of which was a double Fiddle Leaf Fig and for those Fiddle Leaf Lovers out there you know that sometimes 1 Fiddle Leaf Fig could cost more than that!

candme fiddle leaf fig

candme olives

candme staghornPost By & Me.

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